Proactive chassis controls powered by road surface fingerprinting software

Crowd-sourced road surface data helps cars make the right decision at the right time for safety and comfort

Much like noise cancellation, proactive motion control does the same for unwanted vibrations that enter the vehicle platform. ClearMotion has invested over a decade in perfecting the mechatronics and software that can now afford extraordinary levels of comfort, productivity, performance and safety that were previously unachievable.

RoadMotion Overview

Mitigate pitch, roll and heave to transform the cabin experience

Surface Friction Metadata Classified Features Z Topography Localization Layer Base Map

Using ClearMotion1 or from a variety of sensors equipped on modern road cars, RoadMotion performs digital signal processing to surface unique insights that helps the car make the right decision at the right time.

Proactive signal Arrow left Arrow right Vehicle data

Existing vehicle sensors & chassis controllers

RoadMotion for CM1

Road surface data makes CM1 proactive

When used with CM1, RoadMotion provides a signal to the CM1 controller of the lane ahead. Surface contours are mapped and paired with precise location more accurate than GPS. This high-fidelity road surface data enables CM1 to operate proactively.

RoadMotion for other vehicle systems

Make the right decision at the right time

RoadMotion road surface mapping data allows vehicle subsystems to make the right decision at the right time. Safer controls for when to steer, stop, start and absorb based on real-time road conditions.

AEB & ACC Precision
Highway Assist
HMI Alerts
Architecture Implementation

End-to-end cloud API and Edge SDK solution.

RoadMotion is an end-to-end cloud API and edge SDK solution that crowdsources sensor data to generate a precise road surface HD map, locates the vehicle using proprietary road fingerprinting technology, and delivers predictive structured data to vehicle systems. The system is designed for ease of OEM implementation, customization, and new vehicle or OTA deployment.